Beginner Aikido

How to find a good Martial Arts Instructor

How to find a good Martial Arts Instructor!

Every year I do a martial arts demonstration at the Japan Festival, and ever year someone comes up to me and says they want to take classes, and when I tell them I teach in Katy, they then ask me if I can recommend someone that’s closer to them. Well, that’s exactly what this video is about. How to choose a martial arts school that’s right for you.

Ikkyo - The First Principle of Aikido

Ikkyo – The First Principle of Aikido

One of the first techniques we learn in Aikido is Ikkyo, or “The First Principle.” In Aikido, The first principle is based on the physical. There is nothing magical about it, no special powers required. But what is required is that you get physical and learn to train your body.

What does Aikido mean?

What does Aikido mean?

Learning about the history of Aikido and Japan and how it influenced the development and ultimately the meaning of Aikido is very important to make note of. During the war, and Japan’s loss, the martial arts as a whole changed in Japan.

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