Beginner Aikido - How To Hold Your Sword

How To Hold Your Sword During Aikido Practice

Holding the sword correctly will allow you to swing it effectively and efficiently.    The first real Japanese sword, known as a katana was smithed around the year 700 AD.  And since then has developed and transformed into what we know today and the Japanese Samurai Sword.  Before we get started with this lesson, there …

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Weapons in Aikido?

Do We Use Weapons in Aikido?

I’ve taken Aikido classes in Houston, Boston, San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio, Arlington  Mexico and in Tokyo, I’ve seen many different styles and systems of weapons being taught.   Essentially Aikido comes from three different arts, The Long and Short Sword, The Staff and Unarmed techniques; Kenjutsu, Jojutsu and Daitoryu Aikijuujutsu. In 1990, I trained Aikido …

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Is Aikido useless?

Is Aikido useless?

Everyone that watched the Floyd Mayweather fight against Conor McGregor knows that MMA fighting is useless against a boxer.I wonder what would have happened if the fight had taken place in the Octagon?  Would Floyd still have won? This question leads us into the realm of rules.  What are the rules of Boxing? What are …

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Ikkyo - The First Principle of Aikido

Ikkyo – The First Principle of Aikido

One of the first techniques we learn in Aikido is Ikkyo, or “The First Principle.” In Aikido, The first principle is based on the physical. There is nothing magical about it, no special powers required. But what is required is that you get physical and learn to train your body.

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